Made in Lapland, since 1981
The Reindeer

REINDEER husbandry has always been the primary livelihood of the people of Lapland. Everything the reindeer could provide was always put to good use. The reindeer was used to pull goods and to provide transport for people, even its meat was dried for purposes of preservation. Reindeer hide and furs are used for making clothes, footwear and backpacks, while the reindeer’s antlers were used to make jewellery, utensils and ornaments. In addition, ground reindeer antler powder is believed to enhance men’s sexual vitality. The shaman predicted and advised on matters affecting reindeer husbandry. Design Juha Janger (based on folklore)

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The Reindeer, brooch


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The Reindeer, pendant


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The Reindeer, pendant, gold

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The Reindeer,brooch,gold


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