Made in Lapland, since 1981
The Bear

BEAR has been the most important of nature’s animals. The bear has always been feared, but it is also a sacred and highly respected mammal that was believed to work together with the gods. The bear was asked to fend off all the evil spirits from the forest and to give plenty of luck hunting game each year. In the mythology of a number of northern peoples, the bear is portrayed as man’s distant ancestor. According to myths, the bear is believed to have descended from the Big Dipper. Following the hunt for bear, a large feast was arranged to appease the spirit of the trapped and killed bear, after which the shaman accompanied it back to the heavens. Design Juha Janger (based on folklore)

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Bear, earrings, small, gold

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Bear, small pendant, gold


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Bear, pendant, gold

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Bear, earrings, small


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Bear, small pendant


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Bear, pendant


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Bear, brooch, gold

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Bear, brooch


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Bear, tie pin


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