Made in Lapland, since 1981
The Crane

THE CRANE is held as a sacred bird, even as a messenger of the gods. It was also believed that the crane held a valuable gemstone. The V-shaped flying formation of the crane symbolised triumphant life, and was also used to forecast the weather. When the V-shaped formations arrived in the spring, they carried the message of warmth and good fortune, especially if the birds flew in good formation and at high altitude, a beautiful hot summer could be expected. However, if the cranes migrated early, it meant an early coming of winter. Design Juha Janger (based on folklore)

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Crane, small pendant


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Crane, pendant

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Crane, brooch

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Crane, small earrings


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Crane, small earrings, gold

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Crane, small brooch, gold

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Crane, small pendant, gold

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