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The God of thunder

The GOD OF THUNDER, Ukko, was the ancient deity of the weather, the harvest and thunder. He carried a hammer to strike evil spirits, generate bolts of lightning and wield justice. Ukko was the giver of life, safeguarded health and watched over death. Ukko was also believed to be the spirit of the clouds who came to purify the air from disease and bring life-giving rain. It was believed a bolt of lightning represented Ukko’s vengeance or anger.  He could stir up a thunderstorm by rumbling and hurtling across the sky on his chariot.  Being the mightiest of the gods of nature, Ukko was the chief protector of the shaman. Design Juha Janger (based on folklore)

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Goddess of fertility, tie pin


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The God of Thunder, cufflinks

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The God of Thunder, earrings


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Ukkosenjumala, rintaneula

The God of Thunder, brooch


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The God of Thunder, big brooch


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The God of Thunder, tie pin

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