Made in Lapland, since 1981

On the left navigation bar you find our selection of chains. If you are unsure with your selection, you can always ask for help: Ask about our jewelry. There are three different groups of chains:

  • Small chains = Select for light&smallest jewelry, this is mostly used chaintype.
  • Medium chains = Select this option for medium sized pendants.
  • Large chains = Select these chains for our biggest pendants. Note: Smallest pendants don`t fit to these chains.

Typical lenghts for chains:

  • 38 cm for children, thin necked woman
  • 42 cm most typical selection for women
  • 45 cm for boys, thin necked men
  • 50 cm most typical selection for men
  • 60 cm most typical lenght for bigger pendants.

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Curb chain, width 1,5mm

From 17,00

Curb chain, width 1mm

From 11,00

Anchor chain

From 22,00

Curb chain, 50cm

From 48,00