Made in Lapland, since 1981

TAIGAKORU RINGS. Are you searching for perfect wedding ring or beautiful, unique gift for someone? Our selection of rings have variety of options for you to choose. If you can`t find what you are looking for, we can always design customised ring for your purposes. Our speciality is gold nugget rings made from Lapland gold nuggets. Please, contact us >>>

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Gold Nugget ring, diamond

From 935,00

gold nugget ring

Wedding ring, gold nugget

From 2 136,00


Gold Nugget ring, diamond

From 1 012,00

nugget ring

Gold Nugget Ring, diamond

From 1 231,00

Diamond ring

Gold ring, diamonds

From 2 520,00

Gold ring, garnet

Gold ring, garnet

From 1 522,00


Diamond ring, garnet

From 1 810,00


Diamond ring, gold nuggets

From 2 950,00

Gold Nugget Ring

From 884,00